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Exhibits Categories

Exhibits Categories

  • Bottled Water Products

    Natural mineral water, glacier mineral water, soda water, deep ocean water, natural small molecular group water, natural mountain spring water, maternal and child water, snowmelt water, natural spackling mineral water, aqueous tea immersing, drinking purified water and other drinking water, etc.

  • Functional Water and Water Machinery

    Hydrogen water, low deuterium water, medical mineral water, oxygen cure water, aerobic water, plant water, activity energy water,weak alkaline ionized water, alive water machine, weak alkaline ionized water, fruit flavor water,alive water machine,electrolyte water machine, high-energy reactivating water machine, calciumion water machine, active oxygen water machine,rich hydrogen water machine, frequency spectrum water machine, soda water machine, multi-function water machine, alkaline water machine,nano electrolytic water machine, nano energy water cup, multi-function water cup, health activation cup, magnetized kettle and other healthy drinking water equipment, etc.

  • Hydrogen Rich Water

    Hydrogen rich water machine,hydrogenrich stick,silicon,filter-element,testing institution,hydrogen rich water cup

  • High-end Water Related Services

    Production equipment, mineral water filling equipment, labeling equipment, water purification equipment, water filtration equipment, water softening equipment, bottle caps, bottle embryo, labels, packaging machinery, packaging containers, packaging design, scientific research institutions, high-end water source project investment unit, etc.

The 11st China (Guangzhou)
International High-end Drinking
Water Industry Expo 2023


9-11 June

China Import & Export
Fair Complex