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Water Tasting Competition

The 6th Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition Appllication

time: 2019-12-13

The 6th Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition

Concurrent with The 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China - Inter Health Expo).Exhibition space of IHE China covers 5 halls at 50,000 sqm, water expo is about 10,000 sqm, 192 water exhibitors come from 15 different countries and regions, 10280 water industry professional visitors come from 20 different countries and regions, 309 representatives attended in our exhibition, 196 from domestic area and 113 from abroad.

Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition has been successfully held for five years. Through the selection of professional and high-quality high-end aquatic products, the competition aims to encourage high-end water enterprises and brands to continuously innovate and develop, and jointly promote the communication and development of the global high-end water industry.

Why Participating

Authorized Certification

*Awards winners can get certificate. In addition, the winner will be authorized to print the logo or words indicating of the competition on the original packaging in two years.

Expand Sale Channels

Enforce construction of marketing channel of high-end healthy drinking water

Widen Industry Network

Recommend high quality drinking water to consumers, distributors and retailers

Enhance Brand Awareness

Hundreds of Media Outlets Reported

Qualifications for participating in competition

1、Drinking water producers/manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers, agents and distributors

2、Only accept bottled and barreled pure drinking water, carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated mineral water

3、Samples must be comply with the Chinese relevant laws, Chinese drinking water industry standard, as well as to comply with the original production place and consumptive place laws.


Participating Drinking water in competition will be divided into carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated mineral water, pure drinking water and flavor water, and will set Golden Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award according to Physical and Chemical Testing and Sensory evaluation.

  • Non-carbonated mineral water
  • Carbonated mineral water
  • Purified drinking water

Awards Process

  • Apply Online
  • Material Review
  • Indexes Monitoring
  • Experts Taste
  • Awards Ceremony


Samples and related important files as following should be delivered to the Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Co., Ltd before May 1, 2020. Please ship to: Room 202, Yin Yan Building, No.25-27 Yan Ling Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, China. Postcode: 510000. In case illegible handwriting, please fill out application form and print it. Manufacturer’ s name must be marked on competition certifications.
  • 1.Samples should be chosen from the original place according to application
  • 2.Two samples will be tasted by juries and the public promotion.
  • 3.Samples must be publicized/listed products
  • 4.Water samples should be two boxes, each box can’t overweight 12 kgs.

Participating Fee

Registration fee: USD800 for each category (including tax fee)

Note: Companies exhibiting The 9th China(Guangzhou) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2020 will be charge only USD350 registration fee for each category for water tasting competition.

Payment copy of participating fee must be mailed with application together, and mark company's name.

Signing up

Miss Zhou:+8613265914628
Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contact Us

Website :

Tel : +86-020-87582732


All participants need to recognize and accept the above terms.

Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd.