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Water Tasting Competition

The 6th Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition Organizers and Judges

time: 2020-01-17

The 6th Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition

Concurrent with The 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China - Inter Health Expo).Exhibition space of IHE China covers 5 halls at 50,000 sqm, water expo is about 10,000 sqm, 192 water exhibitors come from 15 different countries and regions, 10280 water industry professional visitors come from 20 different countries and regions, 309 representatives attended in our exhibition, 196 from domestic area and 113 from abroad.

Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition has been successfully held for five years. Through the selection of professional and high-quality high-end aquatic products, the competition aims to encourage high-end water enterprises and brands to continuously innovate and develop, and jointly promote the communication and development of the global high-end water industry.

Organizer: The Fine Water Society

The Fine Water Society was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and to further enhance the visibility of Fine Water and convey the idea that water is not just water but a natural product with terroir and unique characteristics.


Creator and publisher of FineWaters
Holds a PhD in Anthropology and Communication Science from the University of Vienna
Martin Rises(The USA/German)
Water Tasting Educator
The world's foremost water sommelier.
Horacio Bustos(Argentina)
Graduated from National University of Buenos Aires, taking special interest in water resources.
Currently work as the Director of Gyokuro Argentinian Circle of Tea.
John Zhu(South Korea)
Has an extensive experience with water and it epicurean integration including being an expert on tea.
Dr.Jae Youn, Ko(South Korea)
Doctor Degree of Hotel & Food Service Management
President of Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy.
Water tasting master
Professional Consultant for Large Water Enterprises
JASON KUOK(Macao, China)
Certified as a Water Sommelier in Germany
The First and Only Certified Water Sommelier in Macau and Hong Kong

(The above is a list of previous juries)

Renowned Brands

Partial List of Previous Winners

Type Company / Brand
Non-carbonated mineral water Summits Nutural Spring Water、NONGSHIM、Svalbardi、Iceland Spring、Radenska、Ice Swan、Veen、Antipodes、Aqua Pacific、Clear Alascan Glacial、383 Kopjary Water、Iskilde、5100、Longtu Natural Mountain Spring、Xi Long Teng Small Molecule Water、Yasi Nutural Spring Water、Bulunkou Natural Ice Water、Tianmi Bottled Original Ecological Spring Water、Shangyang Selenium-rich Water、manna.
Carbonated mineral water Solé、22 Artesian、Lurisia、Perlage、Summits Sparkling Nutural Spring Water、ORO、Güitig、ROI 、Orezza 、Oravida New Zealand Artesian Water、Radenska、Solé、Summits、ROI、CAPI、Maniduo Carbonated Natural Mineral Water.
Purified drinking water Güitig、ROI、Svalbarði、Jacksons Spring、Krystal、Serra da、Graciosa、Research and Production Company 、CAPI、TAIYEN Alkaline ion water.

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