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The 16th Guangdong Water Festival will be a Grand Opening 2016

The 16th Guangdong "Water Festival" will be a Grand Opening 2016


Coincides with the annual session of South China's largest high-end water investment event—The 5th China (Guangzhou) international high-end drinking water industry expo2016 will be grandly held in Guangzhou pazhou canton fair complex area B on June 29- July 1. With the huge radiation and leading role of this exhibition platform, the annual session 2016 Guangdong "Water Festival" organized jointly by the Guangdong Provincial Association of bottled drinking water and Guangzhou Daily will also be beautiful and elegant posture appeared in 2016,the 5th China ( Guangzhou) high-end drinking water industry expo, which will undoubtedly boost Guangdong "water Festival" to new heights, with more speed up Guangdong merchants and business partners ASEM process collision exchanges, enhance friendship and seek business opportunities, which make the drinking water industry can maintain a more healthy and stable development momentum.

Guangdong "Water Festival" is the bottled water industry in Guangdong Province Association and the Guangzhou Daily for 16 consecutive years for the business and consumer to build the large-scale outdoor activities of direct exchange. The water festival with “establishing brand reputation, creating the industry's future" as the theme of best choice, to the vast number of consumers to better showcase the exhibitors products. The exhibitors at the site will show the public how to select and use the bottle (barrels) water and other practical knowledge, to help consumers establish brand awareness. At the same time promote "drinking water and health" knowledge, guidance and expansion of the consumer market; promote the sustainable development of the industry.

According to reports, the annual session of the Guangdong "water festival", is the first in the country drinking water industry in Guangdong, with characteristic of Guangdong industry outstanding brand and the large outdoor events of communicating directly with consumers, throughout the exhibitors will soon come to this water section, all is the franchise brand enjoys high reputation, such as the farmer mountain spring, Danone Yakult, Yi Bao, Dinghu mountain spring, etc. At present, the Guangdong "Water Festival" is also the venue with orderly planning underway, combined with the scale and the influence of the China (Guangzhou) international high-end drinking water industry expo, the Guangdong "Water Festival" will be able to shine again, help enterprises to wrestle a dark horse of the bottled water industry market.


The organizing committee's office: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition service