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How to drink water?

How to drink water? 
With three heights (high, medium and low), the drinking fountains can satisfy demands of tourists with different stature.

Find a drinking fountain, choose the tap that most fits your stature, lean your body to it a little bit and press the button beside the tap, and the water will be pressed in a parabola into your mouth. It is hygienic because mouth of drinkers does not touch the water outlet.


There are two other water gaps on each drinking fountain. Tourists are free to use their bottles to collect water and bring them.

What do we need to pay attention to about drinking?
Don’t touch the outlet with your hands or mouth while drinking.
Don’t litter in the drinking fountain.
Don’t wash or rinse with the drinking.
Don’t dismantle the drinking tap.

How good is the quality of drinking?
No bacteria and ammonia nitrogen content is determined in the filtered water of the drinking fountains in the Expo Park. Each water quality index meet the requirements of the national standard of “Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water” (GB5749-2006) and “Water Quality for Pure Drinking Water” (CJ94-2005). The removal rate of bacteria and virus also reaches 99.9999% and 99.99% respectively with the protection of “super filter membrane”, and main sanitary indexes even excel the EU standards

How to achieve “low carbon drinking”?
Bring nothing with you, because there are 101 drinking stands distributed in the Expo Park. You can find one every few minutes.
Bring your self-prepared bottle and collect water whenever in the Park.
If you bring a bottled drink, don’t throw the bottle away. It is advised to drink it up at once and bring the empty bottle into the Park for water collection.
Buy a bottle of drink in the store in the Park, drink it up and use it to collect drinking.  

Low-carbon Tips
It is estimated that more than 70,000,000 visitors will visit the Expo. Counting by 1.5 liter water for each visitor, 2.1 hundred million bottles of 500ml are needed. Moreover, a bottle of 550ml water is manufactured with at least 9.625 liter tap water, which consumes the same energy as 1/4 bottle of petroleum, associated with 44g carbon dioxide emitted. 
It is to say, the direct drinking water project saves nearly 2.1 hundred million bottles and 3,500,000 ton tap water and reduces 1760 ton carbon dioxide for the world, as well as reduces plastic rubbish equaling to several mountains for our city.