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International Water Tasting Competition 2019

  Water Tasting Competition 2019 (Guangzhou) 


                 Competition Rules



Water Tasting Competition is the important part of The 8th China (Guangzhou)International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo(short for Waterexpo), which will be held by Guangzhou Informa Yifan Exhibitions Co., Ltd. Fully guided by Supervision and management committees consist of China National Health Association Drinking Healthy Committee , China National Food Industry Association and Guangdong Healthy Food Industry Association,


Purpose of Competition 

   *“Water is the basic element of life” to make people realized importance of healthy drinking water.

   *Recommend high quality drinking water to consumers,distributors and retailers

   *Promote the culture of healthy drinking water and boom reputation of high quality drinking water

   *Enforce construction of marketing channel of high-end healthy drinking water.

   *Expand the circle of consumers and increase brand recognition.



Competition process

Competition content will be divided into two parts:

First part: Water tasting experts,grouped as a judgment, will taste all high-end healthy drinking water and make grades of all participants. Result of competition won’t only have a great effect on guidance among manufacturers, exporters, importers and retailers,but also lay a valued foundation for enhancing the quality of drinking water and brand reputation.   

Second part: Awards ceremony will be held on the exhibition opening day, the awards brands will have a chance to display products in Brands Zone during the whole exhibition.  

Third Part: International Water Tasting Competition 2019 (Guangzhou) Awards will be held on June 28, 2019


Qualifications for participating in competition

*Drinking water producers/manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers, agents and distributors

*Only accept bottled and barreled pure drinking water, carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated mineral water,

 Samples must be comply with the Chinese relevant laws , Chinese drinking water industry standard,as well as to comply with the original production place and consumptive place laws.


Competition Awards 

Participating Drinking water in competition will be divided into carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated mineral water and pure drinking water, and will set Golden Award, Silver Award and Bronze Award according to Physical and Chemical Testing and Sensory evaluation.


Registration Procedure:

Samples and related important files as following should be delivered to the Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd before May 30, 2019. please ship to: Guangzhou Informa Yifan Exhibitions Co., Ltd, Room 1103-1104, No.996 Xin Gang East Road, Guangzhou, China. Post code: 510000. In case illegible handwriting, please fill out application form and print it. Manufacturer’ s name must be marked on competition certifications.

* Samples should be chosen from the original place according to application

*Two samples will be tasted by juries and the public promotion.

*Samples must be publicized/listed products

* Water samples should be two boxes, each box can’t overweight 12 kgs.  


Participating Fee

Competition fee of participating in China(Guangzhou) Water Tasting Competition 2019 as follow:

Registration fee: USD800 for one exhibiting company( including tax fee)


Companies exhibiting The 8th China (Guangzhou)International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2019 will be just charge USD350 registration fee for water tasting competition.

Payment copy of participating fee must be mailed with application together, and mark company's name.

Please make the payment to the following account: 

Participating Fees includes:

Physical and chemical inspection fees

Preparation for water tasting competition

Grade by Water tasting experts according to sense organ

Competition result published on the medias, magazines and websites

Non responsibility

Organizer won’t responsible for below:  

Samples fully or partly lost during transportation,

Chemical/ physical change or sensory change because of the temperature,

Broken or other accident during the way to organizer.

Participants should undertake the shipping fee of samples to Guangzhou Informa Yifan Exhibitions Co., Ltd.(Room 1103-1104, NO. 996 Xin Gang East Road, GuangZhou, China Postal Code: 510000). Organizer will arrange secret code for sensory evaluation. Organizer will insure the shipping safety of samples and keep them in proper condition from receive to evaluation.


Judging team

The members of judging team are come from United States, France, Iceland, Greece and representative of China National Health Association Drinking Healthy Committee.


Sensory evaluation

Juries will taste and evaluate according to different type of water(uncarbonated mineral water, carbonated mineral water/sparkling water or purified drinking water), and get average score for every sample.

To ensure the company confidentiality, we won’t publish the evaluation from juries for each sample. We will only publish the brand name of winners, not all the participants and their scores.



   The result of sensory evaluation is the final result, participants can’t appeal.


Results and awards

*Organizer will publish the result on the first day of The 8th China(Guangzhou) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2019, and issue the Golden Awards, Silver Awards and Bronze Awards.

*Awards winners can get certificate of Golden Awards, Silver Awards and Bronze Awards. In addition, the winner will be authorized to print the logo or words indicating of the competition on the original packaging in two years.


Announcing Results

We will public the result on industry paper, public media and exhibition official website  www.waterexpocn.com


      All participants need to recognize and accept the above terms.

Guangzhou Informa Yifan Exhibitions Co., Ltd



International Water Tasting Competition


感官测评表Tasting Sheet


1. 视觉Vision (最高15Max 15):

   外观Appearance1-7):       1分最差,7分最好1 being poor and 7 being best

   纯净度Clarity1-8):     1分最差,8分最好1 being poor and 8 being best

2. 嗅觉Odor (最高 25Max 25):     

  (1分代表有异嗅味最差,25分代表没异嗅味最好1 being poor, 25 being best

3. 味觉Taste  (最高40Max 40):     

  (1分代表有异尝味最差,40分代表没异尝味最好1 being poor and 8 being best

4. 视觉、嗅觉及味觉关联性Relation Vision/Odor / Taste (最高20Max 20)

   视觉、嗅觉关联性 Relation of Vision and Odor1-5):     

   视觉、味觉关联性 Relation of Vision and Taste1-5):     

   嗅觉、味觉关联性 Relation of Odor and Taste1-10):     

5. 样本的总体分数Total score of the sample1+2+3+4项):