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China Food Industry Association (CNFIA) (http://www.cnfia.cn/), established in 1981, is Chinese food industry's most authoritative industry management organization.  CNFIA integrate planning, coordination, guidance and service to strengthen industry self-regulation, establish a food safety awareness, increase brand awareness, and promote industry international exchange, to guarantee the healthy development of food industry.
In recent years, CNFIA highly concerned about food safety laws & regulations, and food safety standard system construction work, which do great contribution to the implementation of "Food Safety Law". In support of the Ministry of Health, CNFIA undertake the responsibility to set up the standards of basic food safety regulation,collect and arrange files of  China's current food standard, conducted a comparative analysis of the relevant standards with the developed countries and the international Codex Alimentarius Commission(CAC), put forward authoritative opinions and suggestions to solve the existent problems in China's food industry.

Healthy Drinking Water Association is approved by Ministry of Health, registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, under the leadership of
the Chinese National Health Association, Healthy Drinking Water Association is composed by the national science and technology
workers engaged in research on drinking water safety and health of drinking, voluntary enterprises and institutions nationwide,
which is academic, non-profit trade association organizations. Healthy Drinking Water Association is the bridge and links between
government and various academic groups and drinking water enterprises, it is the important social force to promote the healthy
development of the drinking water in China. Healthy Drinking Water is full supporter of The The 4th China(Guangzhou) International
High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2015 and will invite at least 20 healthy drinking water entreprises to participate waterexpo
in Guangzhou. 

China Agricultural Industry Economic Development Association (http://www.caedgov.cn) was established by agricultural development enterprise, agricultural product development enterprise, agricultural production enterprise, agricultural technology enterprise and agricultural industry economic service andresearch company, also research and development institution, expert who devote to agriculture,farmer and rural, scholar and other concerned people by voluntarily. It is a nationwide, industrial and internationalism social organization. 

Guangdong Healthy Food Industry Association( http://www.gdbjsp.org.cn/) was founded in 1984. Approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs with provincial non-profit organization and independent legal personality. It is the bridge and the link between the government and enterprises. It was composed of  the  enterprises, units and scientific research institutes which engaged in producing, distrubuting, managing and researching in healthy food, nutritious food, organic food, green food, medicine, health equipment, health care products industries.

Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd(http://www.ifechina.com) is a professional exhibition service company, which has always been committed to strengthening all sectors of economy, trade, technology exchange and cooperation. With the support of the government departments and in the cooperation with various industry associations, chambers of commerce and institute, we have organized remarkable exhibitions of various industries, especially "IFE China" -The China Guangzhou International Food Exhibition and Guangzhou Import food exhibition has become the biggest and most professional food business tradeshow in South China and won international reputation around the world. The Edible Oil and Olive Oil section (IOE) also become the high-light of the whole exhibition, with Olive Oil competition and concurrent forums, it attracts exhibitors from more than 20 countries participate in.