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Michael Mascha
Creator and Publisher of FineWaters (www.finewaters.com), a web site portal that is the definitive voice for water connoisseurs and their accompanying lifestyle. The site -- and its associated online community -- is the leading destination for education and resources for consumers in the premium bottled water industry. 
Dr. Mascha is also the author of the acclaimed book Fine Waters A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Most Distinctive Bottled Waterscalled “an encyclopedia of water, a bible of water” by the London Times. 

Martin Riese 
Martin Riese began his renowned career in his native Germany. Today, he is a Water Tasting Educator, acclaimed author, Water Sommelier at Patina Restaurant Group in Los Angeles, and the world’s foremost water sommelier.
Riese began his culinary journey as an apprentice at the Relais & Châteaux Hotel Stadt Hamburg in the island of Sylt in northern Germany. After completion of a multi-year training program, he continued to work in various positions in the culinary industry in Hamburg, before traveling across the pond to the United States. In 2010 Martin Riese received his certification as a Mineral Water Sommelier from the German Mineral Water Trade Association. 
Riese’s expert knowledge of water has led to appearances on television and radio programs throughout Europe, South America, and Asia, with the German press referring to him as the country’s foremost water sommelier. In 2009 he also co-authored the critically acclaimed book Die Welt des Wasser (World of Water), which is considered the leading European book on the subject. 
In 2013, Riese unveiled his signature water program at Ray’s & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and in 2014 at the Patina Restaurant in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In Summer 2014 he launched the Water 101 Class, where Riese educates students on the unique qualities and characteristics of mineral water. Since his return to the U.S., Riese has appeared on numerous national media outlets including Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times, Bon Appétite, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Buzzfeed and Conan O’Brien. 

John Zhu 
He Has been working with SPG Australia and has been the Co-Founder and CEO of Purelogica “The World’s Finest Luxury Water Collection”, Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM). Member of Chief Marketing Officer Council Worldwide, Associate Fellow of Australian Marketing Institute. John has an extensive experience with natural water and it epicurean integration including being an expert on tea, he is also appointed Water Tasting Educator of many international five-star hotel group.

Horacio Bustos 
He majored in Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, National University of Buenos Aires, taking special interest in water resources.

He took higher studies as a sommelier at the Buenos Aires Winemakers Centre, there he get his degree in wine tasting, professional tea cupping and water (Hydro Sommelier ®), besides he applied in subject of Sensory Evaluation at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, National University of Buenos Aires.

He currently works as the Director of Gyokuro Argentinian Circle of Tea which it was declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation. At Gyokuro Argentinian Circle of Tea, dedicated individuals are striving bring out the best in tea for friends, fans, customers, and students, who want to learn and get professional knowledge as Tea Sommeliers, training Certified Tea Masters and other contributions in order to make the tea industry a better place in Argentina and beyond.
In year 2012, he was named HONORARY MEMBER of the Circle of Water Tasters endorsed by European Tasters of Water. At Gyokuro Argentinian Circle of Tea, he promotes and provide dissertations and workshops as a Water Sommelier as he is. 

Dr. Jae Youn, Ko, 
Professor, Food Service Management Dept. Hotel &Tourism College, 
Kyung-Hee University, Seoul Korea 
President, Korea International Sommelier Association
President, Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy 
Academic Background/Education
Doctor Degree of Hotel & Food Service Management 
Graduate School of Hotel Tourism Management, Sejong University 
Work Experience/Career
Director, Food & Beverage Dept., Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul Korea
(5 Stars)
Advisory Professor, K-Water(Korea Water Resources Development Corporation)
Advisory Professor, Baek San Soo(Bottled Mineral Water), Nong-Sim Co.,Ltd. 
Jurade de Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France
Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, Bourgogne, France
Water Sommelier Educational Program Development Research, Korea Water 
Resources Development Corporation 'K-water')
Water Tasting Project, Baek San Soo(Bottled Mineral Water), Nong-Sim Co.,Ltd.
Sommelier Water Purifier Project, Coway co.,Ltd. 
Published Books 
Water Communication, Se-Kyung Publishing Company, and 12 Books
Research Papers
More than 120 Researches Papers published.
A study on the Impact of the Selection Attribute of the Bottled Water on the Consumer
's Satisfaction and Purchase Intention, Journal of the Academy of Korea Hospitality & T
The Study of the Development of Bottled Water Quality Index Item, Journal of Food Se
rvice Management Society of Korea. 
A Study of the University Student's Preference on the Bottled Water Using Conjoins An
alysis. Journal of the Academy of Korea Hospitality & Tourism.
Consumer Knowledge Level and Information Preference for Bottled Water Products, Jour
nal of Korean Hospitality and Tourism Academe.